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Our Journal introduced its publishing activities in 2011. Publications are accepted from the fields accepted jointly by health sciences and sports sciences, especially including sports sciences. With the facilities brought by technology in today’s conditions, our Journal entered into publication arena to meet the need for scientific studies, at least to some extent. It mainly accepts publications from such fields as sports sciences, sports education, sports medicine, history of medicine and ethics, nutrition for the athlete, athlete psychology, medical and biological sciences for sports, and “doping”. Moreover, it accepts studies from the sub-branches of these scientific fields which are evaluated and assessed positively by referees expert in their fields. Studies which are included in the pharmacology, but are on athletes and athlete health are also accepted and evaluated in our Journal.  Moreover, studies which are conducted in the field of forensic sciences for sports and athletes are accepted and evaluated in our Journal. Our Journal accepts and publishes studies which are originally scientific and will serve and contribute to the science world as well as research, collection and translation for these studies. You can see general information about the branches of science that our journal accepts publications under the heading "DISCIPLINES".

Our Journal publishes four issues every year, each of which is published as printed in the first quarter of the year. In line with the working principle, our Journal includes studies from all fields equally and fairly. Studies which come to our Journal are reviewed by two different field expert referees, and the time period of reviewing is three to five months within the scope of the workload of the referees. Studies approved by two referees are queued to be published as printed following the approval of the council of publication. Our journal article writing rules should be prepared according to the examples in the journal website. Editorial office is responsible for all kinds of system of the Journal, no referee or author hold the responsibility of it. Authors have the right to publish in line with their independent will and knowledge, and they are regarded as accepted all the responsibility of studies which are accepted for publication and published. Our Journal serves as a bridge between publishers and readers. Our Journal and referees who review publications do not have any legal obligation for the published study. All kinds of obligations belong to authors. Our Journal does not have any impact and forcing sanction on referees in terms of publications. No study has any priority against another. Each study is subject to the same conditions and requirements. It does not have a priority or privilege. Journal management and editor cannot decide that a study or author is priority. The system is operated with the same conditions and requirements for each study and author. The languages of our journal are English and Turkish.

Our Journal is international and accepts studies with such qualities. Studies which have been sent to another journal for any reason are rejected even if they have been accepted to be published in our Journal, provided that a refutation is issued. Rights of a study which has been sent to our Journal have been given by the author to the Journal. It is regarded that the author has accepted it in advance. Such conditions and requirements begin to be operated once the publication is uploaded on our Journal’s system. No special declaration or signature is requested from authors in this regard. In cases of legal problems occurring or likely to occur, legal advisors of our Journal reserve unilaterally the right to take all actions to protect our Journal and its referees.

The Article No. 101 has been brought as the condition to Apply for the Exam of Associate Professorship in the Main Area of Health Sciences by T.R. Head of Interuniversity Council. In this article, 1- (b) section of the international article part states that Original research articles (10 points) published in the journals indexed by international field indices (the journals in the indices apart from those specified in 1a) are required. International Refereed Academic Journal of Sports, Health and Medical Sciences (SSTB) is included in the criteria for the journals indexed in its field and evaluated accordingly.